HERIGE Groupe throught its concrete subsidiary EDYCEM and Hoffmann Green Cement technologies have signed a technical partnership contract for an initial period of two years, to develop the formulation of an EDYCEM concrete using Hoffmann low carbon cement.

This partnership between the two Vendée-based players is a concrete approach to developing new products to combat climate change and comply with the ambitions of the future environmental regulations (RE2020). This alliance will contribute to the development of more responsible products for the construction industry.


2021 03 24 partenariat herige hgct


HERIGE and its subsidiary EDYCEM are historically established in the heart of the territories, with a network of proximity anchored in the Great West of France. More than ever, their ambition is to actively participate in the evolution of the construction sector, by bringing concrete and sustainable answers to professionals in order to reduce CO2 emissions. This 100% Vendée partnership with a company that shares the same ambitions in terms of research and innovation to decarbonize construction illustrates the eco-responsible and innovative approach of our activities” adds Benoît Hennaut, Chairman of the Executive Board of the HERIGE Group.


Julien Blanchard and David Hoffmann, co-founders of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies, say: “We are delighted to announce the signing of a technical partnership contract with the HERIGE group, through its subsidiary EDYCEM, a Vendée-based group with the same research and innovation ambitions to decarbonize the construction sector as those of Hoffmann Green. This contract again illustrates the competitiveness of our products for manufacturing low-carbon concrete. This is the first step in the collaboration process we will undertake with the HERIGE Group to construct environmentally responsible and sustainable buildings”.



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